Rock-Paper-Scissors with ml5.js permalink

Play a rock-paper-scissors game through your webcam.

Scroll a Webpage with your Voice permalink

Speech recognition demo that allows you to scroll a webpage by saying "up" or "down".

Bash Prompt Editor permalink

Customizing bash prompt made easy.

Maknyus Ipsum permalink

Lorem ipsum but make it Indonesian food.

Indonesian Word Embedding permalink

Indonesian word embedding demo, currently serving a model pre-trained Word2vec model from Wikipedia texts using the CBOW training algorithm.

Quotey permalink

A simple command line tool that displays a random quote from your custom collection or WikiQuote on shell startup.

Kapitalisasi Judul permalink

A CLI tool to automatically capitalize titles in Indonesian.

Find Coordinate Points permalink

A quick tool to collect northwest and southeast corner coordinates of a rectangle that covers a particular area on the map. I initially built this to to be used with the S2 Geometry Library.

Sudoku Solver permalink

Implementation of the DPLL and WalkSAT algorithm to solve sudoku puzzles with Java and the aima-java library. The implementation of sudoku as a SAT problem references to this paper.