Galuh Sahid

Hola Jekyll

— 23 Jun 2016

As you can probably see, I’m moving my website to Jekyll. WordPress has been good–it’s just that’s it’s a little bit too overkill for a humble site like mine.

On why Jekyll:

  1. I love Markdown. Markdown > complex GUI any day.
  2. GitHub Pages can host my website for free.
  3. I live with my text editor nowadays (even my to-do list is in my text editor), so it’s nice that I get to publish my websites from my text editor.
  4. It’s real easy to tweak, since everything lives in my text editor. See #3.

So now what?

  1. I still use & develop websites with WordPress. People still need WordPress and all of its amazing features (which, in my case, I don’t really need).
  2. This blog is mainly for my learning purpose. I keep the sentimental, depressing, woe-is-me posts to myself.

Happy exploring (there isn’t much here though).