I'm currently a data scientist at Gojek ↗ & Google Developer Expert ↗ in Machine Learning. I enjoy getting involved in the end-to-end process of building (& shipping!) data & machine learning systems. I would love to learn more about machine learning for social good.

I love sharing what I've learned through giving talks or writing blogs. In my free time I contribute to open-source ↗ & build side projects for fun. Currently I also volunteer as a student mentor through Yayasan Anak Bangsa Bisa ↗.

I strongly believe that representation matters, which motivates me to run initiatives such as Kartini Teknologi podcast ↗, Global Diversity CFP Day ↗ Jakarta, pandas documentation sprints ↗, & become a mentor at programs such as Women Developer Academy ↗.


I started blogging back in 2008 where I learned graphic design & web development. This is also where I learned that computer science is a thing. Since then I've had brief stints as a freelance graphic designer, web designer, & web developer before eventually focusing on data. Here are some works ↗ from my past life.

Sometime in the past I was also involved in organizing the largest student-run IT event ↗ in Indonesia & volunteering at a youth NGO ↗, among others.


In my spare time, I love reading ↗. I read both fiction & non-fiction & I always welcome book recommendations!

I was really into photography for quite some time. I don't really do much of it anymore but I still enjoy travel photography ↗ when I'm traveling.

When not doing all the above I'm probably sketching ↗, writing travel stories (usually a few months late), writing fiction/poetry, or learning to play the soundtracks of my favorite movies on piano.

As arbitrary as my interests may be, I love collecting experiences & knowledge to help me better understand the world so that I can solve problems that I'm interested in. The dots might not connect now but I believe (or hope!) someday they will.

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Galuh currently works as a data scientist at Gojek ↗ where she gets to build and ship various data & machine learning systems. Previously she worked as a data engineer at Midtrans ↗ & Gojek ↗. She's almost always with her laptop but in the rare times that she's not, you can find her immersed in a book or sketching in a random corner of a city.