Hi there! I'm Galuh. Most recently I worked at Gojek as a data scientist at Gojek ↗ where I was involved in the end-to-end process of building & shipping data/machine learning systems.

Outside of work, I am a Google Developer Expert ↗ in Machine Learning. I give talks from time to time, contribute to open-source ↗ , & build side projects for fun.

I strongly believe that representation matters. I have been/was involved in the following initiatives:


In my past life, I was a freelance graphic designer, web designer, & web developer.

These days you can find me trying to read 52 books a year, sketching in various corners of the world, writing fiction & trip reports from my (mostly solo) travel, learning foreign languages, running and trying to not die from it, or playing the soundtracks of my favorite movies on piano.

As arbitrary as my interests may be, I love collecting experiences & knowledge to help me better understand the world so that I can solve problems that I'm interested in. The dots might not connect now but I believe (or hope!) someday they will.

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