Hi! I'm Galuh.

I'm currently a data scientist at Gojek. I co-host Kartini Teknologi, co-organize Global Diversity CFP Day Jakarta, and am part of the Mozilla Tech Speakers program.

I've spoken about word embeddings, machine learning with JavaScript, data preparation, to building CLI applications with Node.js. When time permits, I also contribute to open-source by open-sourcing my projects & contributing to libraries such as pandas & Apache Arrow.

I graduated from Faculty of Computer Science, Universitas Indonesia. During school I co-organized CompFest, the biggest student-run IT event in Indonesia. Here are some publication covering our work.

When I'm not with my laptop I'm probably sketching, reading (my virtual bookshelf), taking photographs, or trying to familiriaze myself with a new city. I'm interested in utilizing machine learning & AI to make a positive impact in developing countries, as well as closing the gap of computer science education in Indonesian rural & remote areas. I'd be happy to chat about these so feel free to reach out to me via Twitter or LinkedIn.

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