— Projects

Customer Service Expert Chatbot

Mr. Alfred is a customer service expert Slack chatbot. By using Mr. Alfred Slack chatbot, users can easily navigate through a company's FAQ and Support Documentation using our Slack chatbot.

Artificial Intelligence

Sudoku Solver

Implementation of the DPLL and WalkSAT algorithm to solve sudoku puzzles with Java and the aima-java library. The implementation of sudoku as a SAT problem references to this paper.

Machine Learning

Language Identification with Machine Learning

Document language identification with machine learning. The languages involved for classification are Indonesian, English, French, and Spanish. After several experiments with different classification methods, I managed to reach accuracy of 92.449% using Bayesian network classifier with F-measure value of 0.908 using 10-fold cross validation.


Indonesian Word Embedding

Indonesian word embedding demo. Currently serving a model pre-trained Word2vec model from Wikipedia texts using the CBOW training algorithm.



Quotey is a simple command line tool that displays a random quote from your custom collection or WikiQuote on shell startup. Grace your terminal with your favorite quotes, poems, or passages!


Aime—a CLI for Twitter likes

Aime is a command line tool that lets you search and manage your Twitter likes. You can organize your liked tweets into categories, mark a tweet as read/unread, and search your liked tweets by query, user, read/unread, or category. All from the comfort of your terminal.

Data Science

Social Project Donation Estimator

Social Project Campaign Success Estimator will help you find out the statistics of your campaign and whether you will reach your donation target.