— 13 Mar 2018



I’ve been relying on these two things to get myself through the days:

  1. The prospect of learning something new
  2. The opportunity to help people, regardless who they are–strangers, family, friends, etc.

I realize that one day I might wake up and find myself not having enough energy to go to work/school/run errands. Or I can wake up and discover that the people I care about no longer care/love me back.

But over time I learned that I can never run out of things to learn and kindness to give every day, no matter how small, even when I’m at my worst. I can choose to grab my phone and decide to look up what’s an iptable. Even though I don’t read the whole thing, that still counts as something. When I’m at my worst and feel like the world is falling apart, not snapping up at people is kind enough. Not sure how you can quantize kindness, it’s probably still a very tiny amount of kindness compared to, say, making people happy, but it’s still something.